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Home Watch Services

Leaving home can seem like a hassle, but it doesn’t have to with HawkEye Home Watch. Our scope of monitoring services runs the gamut. If your home has a need, we have a solution. No task is too small. We offer service solutions for your vacation home, condominium or investment property.

Who is there to protect your home investment when you are 1,200 miles away for prolonged periods of time? Who is there to keep a HawkEye on your home while you take an extended trip? The answer is HawkEye Home Watch.

Our basic HawkEye Home Watch Service Includes:

Electrical Inspection

In order to utilize some lights or your home security alarm, you will need to keep your electric on. To avoid potential fire hazards, HawkEye Home Watch will inspect your electrical panel for tripped circuit breakers. We’ll check and reset appliances after power interruption. Finally we’ll verify that your air conditioning and smoke alarms are functioning properly.

Inspect for signs of trespassing

Ensure doors, screens and windows are locked and secure.

HawkEye Home Watch includes a security check on each inspection. Upon arrival we check each door and window for signs of forced entry or vandalism. If there are any signs of intrusion, we will immediately contact the authorities. At departure we check each door and window to make sure they are locked.

Remove litter

Including newspapers and phone books. Clean front entrance area.

Advertisers and publications today are relentless in their constant barrage of flyers, door hangers, and bagged papers. Avoid the clutter and look of absence. We will be happy to remove any external literature that is present on your property. If you wish we can forward it to you with your mail.

Monitor and inspect landscaping

Test drip system and fix minor leaks. Inspect for signs of weather damage, pests and leaks. Exterior Inspection

Before your inspection is over HawkEye Home Watch will give your exterior grounds a good once-over. We’ll check for evidence of rodents or insects, make sure your sprinklers are functioning correctly, and most importantly, verify that your exterior lighting is working properly.

Monitor all appliances

Run garbage disposal, dishwasher, and clothes washer. Run water into all drains and toilets, fill evaporation buckets with water.

Many of your home’s features require water. This presents a problem when they sit for a long period of time. HawkEye Home Watch will check your refrigerator and freezer for proper operation. We’ll run your dishwasher and garbage disposal. Next we’ll check your basic plumbing and eliminate stale drain water by running water through your sinks, tubs, and showers. Lastly, we’ll disinfect and give your toilets a good flush to prevent dried gaskets and water rings.

Attend to golf carts and vehicles

Vehicles don’t like to sit for prolonged amounts of time. Your fluids will begin to settle and your hoses and belts can begin to dry rot. With your permission HawkEye Home Watch will start your engines on a regular basis. This will keep your fluids fresh and ensure your vehicle is ready to run when you return. As an added bonus, HawkEye Home Watch will check and secure your additional assets located on your property. We’ll check boat locks and covers, your vehicle locks, and we’ll secure and lock any property fences or gates.

Timely Communication

Email, fax, or mail report after each visit with pictures as needed

After each maintenance inspection, HawkEye Home Watch will provide you with a detail report outlining the services rendered. We will also include pictures or notes for any monitoring or potential problems that have arisen. Your report can be emailed, mailed via postal service or faxed to your remote location; it’s your call.

Pricing for Hawkeye Home Watch Basic Services Package

Hawkeye Home Watch will perform the basic home watch checklist at a very reasonable rate per visit.

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