Golf Cart Summer Care

AC Edge golf cart service, and is drawn from maintenance manuals for golf car storage.

  1. Fill the battery cells with distilled water to just below the cell sleeve. Batteries need to breathe when charging.
  2. Make sure the charging area is well ventilated as small amounts of hydrogen gas are discharged during charge cycles.
  3. If the cart is equipped with a tow switch, move it to the “tow” position. The tow switch isolates the battery system from the sensitive electronics system of the controller and is a safeguard for lightning strike surges. It does not affect charging.
  4. Turn the key to “off”.
  5. Leave the charger plugged in. Most new carts have a fully automatic charger that will shut off after the batteries are fully charged or after 16 hours have elapsed. The charger will turn back on when the batteries discharge to 80% charged.
  6. Place a catch pan under the cart for acid leaks.
  7. Have your home watch provider unplug and replug in the charger once every 2 weeks at a minimum. Since summer heat discharges the batteries quickly this will restart the charging cycle.
  8. Check the water level often in summer.
  9. If you know you have bad batteries and will replace them upon return, don’t bother charging them. It is a waste of energy and a hazard since the charge process discharges hydrogen gas. Older, bad batteries will emit more hydrogen because the charger is trying hard to charge the batteries (up to 16 hours) before shutting off.
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