Protect Your Pipes

7 Tips for Protecting Your Pipes

  1. Turn on the faucet farthest away from your main line and maintain a slow and steady flow of water.
  2. Running a tap for 5 minutes will replace water in a service line with main line water, reducing the risk of freezing.
  3. If you are away on vacation, ask the person checking on your home to run the taps for 5 minutes to reduce the risk of freezing.
  4. Wrap any water lines near outer walls or doors with insulation, towels or blankets.
  5. Disconnect your garden hoses, install an insulated hose bib cover, or simply wrap the bib in a towel and secure with duct tape.
  6. If you have a pool or water feature, keep the pump running and water circulating.
  7. Make sure the room where your hot water tank is located is adequately heated.

What do you do if your pipes freeze?

The sooner the frozen line is thawed the better. Over time , freezing will extend further along the line and make thawing more difficult.

It’s important to take the right steps to thaw a frozen line to avoid damage to the pipe, line or plumbing system. If you are unable to thaw your water lines , contact a plumbing or heating company for assistance.

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